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Yoga Life, Mom and Wife

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Salutatations Everyone! Whatever it is that made you click on this blog... I am insanely grateful for you! This is my teeny, tiny corner of the internet and a bit of a passion project. I had SO MANY obstacles (nightmares with web design, domain name transfers, etc..) I can't help but hope that every road block had a reason. Maybe "Today is the Day!" because it was just meant to be.

Sidebar: Dear God I hope you all got my Mel Fisher reference. Sometimes my breadth of knowledge is random and obscure. If not, get ready to hear quotes that range from Rick and Morty to Maya Angelou

I'm starting this journey because I get asked questions. A lot. Like a whole lot. Things that range from yoga, to what I'm making for dinner. From how I got my baby to sleep 12 hours through the night, to what eye liner I'm wearing. Mascara, Mom Life, and Mantras! So here I am. Subscribe to my blog by using the contact form in the menu bar along the top! Also catch me on instagram @laurazinny and my essential oil page @seasideandsage #toxinfree

10 Things About Me

1. I love popcorn an unhealthy amount: Seriously. My best friend travels to Chicago for work and I have her bring me back a HUGE bag of Nuts on Clark from the airport each time. Not caramel corn, not cheese, not even butter. Just GOOD OLD PLAIN!

2. My husband and I struggle with fertility: Jason had childhood cancer. Twice. When he was 6 and 8. The same chemotherapy and radiation that saved his life, inhibited his ability to father children. It has been a very emotional, expensive, and grueling thing for us. I'm sure I will be writing about this from time to time. Even though we were blessed with our 2 year old daughter, Lilly, we both want 2 children. So we get to go through it allllllll over again.

All the things I bring with me on the road
My Travel Oil Arsenal

3. My favorite celebrity is Mel Brooks: If you cant laugh through Blazing Saddles because your think its "problematic".... we probably shouldn't do this.

4. My mantra lately has been "Essential Oils and Epidurals" This is its own blog post. In a nutshell...I believe in balance. I don't pop Advil, but antibiotics save lives.

5. I found yoga in grad school. While I was studying forensics at Florida Gulf Coast University. I start at an LA Fitness with a woman named Michelle. After I moved to the Fort Lauderdale area from Fort Myers, I ended up at a studio called Blue Sol (R.I.P.) where I met my first "real" yoga teacher, RoseAnn. About 5 years later she would guide me through my first RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) training. I have been teaching at her studio, Prana Lab Yoga, in Weston, Florida, ever since.

6. I love cooking. I'm not good a baking.

7. I am apparently the only alcohol drinking female on the planet that doesn't like Margaritas

8. I love beagles. I want a herd of beagles. Don't @ me about them being loud. I have had 3 beagles, NONE of which have been barkers.

9. Hard shell tacos are where its at. Soft shell tacos are wussy burritos

10. No, it's not just like CSI on TV. I'm sure that will be a blog at some point.

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