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We Must Pivot ♥

Within our culture's current norms and expectations, it can be easy to forget the beauty in the life we have before us. I don't need to tell you about the dire state of the world/country/local area. We are all well aware of the seemingly sharp turn in our lives and routines. This has come with a lot of fear. Which I honestly feel is causing more suffering than the virus (yes, I am aware the virus is causing some very real suffering). I'm not saying that the situation shouldn't be respected. Respect is different than fear. Respect means heeding the very well advertised social distancing and medical advise being offered. Fear is pointing the finger at other people (administration, other countries, etc..). The hard fact is, if your smart, you must pivot your life.

The phrase "the new normal" keeps getting thrown around. I'm not entirely against it because it is an attitude of acceptance for our reality, but I also feel like there is powers in speaking something into truth. This is NOT normal. This is not how human beings were meant to live amongst each other. Some of the anxiety people are feeling, is depression. Even if you are an introvert. We were made to coexist with other people (no I'm not a psychologist, but get off it). The beauty in the situation, is that people are finding new ways to connect. Zoom, FaceTime, Social Distancing gatherings with less than 10 people. I even heard about an adorable Teddy Bear Hunt idea. People are putting teddy bears in their windows so that children can drive and search for them! I think it must be a replacement for an Easter egg hunt. Either way, the point is that... we as people have a desire to make this work.

No, I am not affected by corona virus, and neither is any of my family or friends (as of the time of this blog). So, I can understand how a sunny-side-of-the-mountain approach can be annoying to some.

However, families are spending more time together, people are starting new out reach programs for those in need due to the virus, people are out walking, biking, swimming. We are definite taking our health more seriously. That is something to be grateful for. Optimism can save the world.

To survive this, we can't succumb to fear. We HAVE to pivot our thinking. It happened to me. I felt overwhelmed by everything. I mean when I started "bitching" in my own head. "What about my yoga studio", "I cant get my nails done", "I cant bring Lilly to the playground", "We are in the middle of fertility"....Its so easy to spiral when you think about all of the things wrong with your life. So I starting thinking of a minimum of 5 things that I'm grateful for because of corona virus. Yes, I said it. Things I am GRATEFUL for.

  1. I've connected deeper with my daughter, and spent more quality time with her. Priceless

  2. My yoga students have been taking my Zoom class. Made me smile in my heart

  3. I am able to help other people with my oil business and the thieves line. Empowering

  4. The fertility clinic has remained open. Thank GOD!

  5. I have been able to get reading done, that I have been too exhausted to complete. So fulfilling

My grateful list became my morning and evening meditation. Eventually, it grew to more items. I had to pivot my mindset. You should too. We have to respect COVID-19. We just don't have to let fear in. We have all been made ready by God (I'm a Christian, so insert your belief system there, but this is mine) for anything life throws at us.

"I believe we're all made ready. Whatever season you're in, whatever life may throw at you, whether it feels like success or failure, expected or unexpected, you are made ready Made ready to learn, to celebrate, to endure. To handle all of the things that get thrown your way in eery season, and to know yourself and take stock of your resources--of all the beautiful things you're already made of" (Joanna Gaines)

Friends....A bend in the road is not the end, unless you fail to make the turn. So make the turn. The world needs who you were made to be. Leave me a comment below with something you are grateful for! Let's start a gratitude waterfall!


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