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Quarantine Survival Favorites

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Hi Everyone! It appears that optimism could not save us for a second wave of COVID, and the restrictions that come along with it. Though I am grateful that small businesses have remained open, I am saddened to see many close. Family owned restaurants, yoga studios, small boutiques, etc.. have all fallen victim to this pandemic. Personally, I have been blessed that Jason's career has not been affected... by the pandemic (that's another subject), and I was able to teach at the University online, continue my social media management remotely, and the essential oil business actually PICKED UP! Of course, yoga has been affected. As attendance in-studio remains sparse, I started teaching outdoors on a farm. It has been AMAZING people have been much more comfortable with the spacious, outdoor environment. (You can find me on instagram @LauraZinny, and the farm @FitFarmOrginal, or the studio @PranaLabYogaStudio for my yoga schedule...OR shoot me an email!)

Scrolling social media is incredibly stressful right now. People are definitely manifesting the mercury retrograde (We have it until July 12th!) AND the stress of COVID into aggression at one another. Through the storm, there were a few things that have brought light. I thought I would share them in an effort to continue positive dialog. Here are those things:

1.Daily Om -

This blog has given me such a fresh and lovely perspective. Almost daily I check in for some generous and reflective offering. I have been reading meditations to my yoga students lately, and it has been resonating nicely. According to their website "DailyOM features a universal approach to holistic living for the mind, body, and spirit and supports people who want to live a conscious lifestyle. DailyOM was founded in 2004 by Madisyn Taylor and Scott Blum, and was born out of their desire to bring the world together by offering messages of consciousness and awareness to people of all walks of life."

2. Starbucks Cold Brew with Cinnamon Almond Milk Foam - I know I should be shouting out a Mom and Pop local coffee shop... but you guys... I am OBSESSED. This drink is SO FREAKING GOOD. I also love that it use almond milk. I rarely drink regular milk anymore. Its only 40 calories, if you're watching your intake. It has 205 mg of caffeine, which is right about on par for me since I am currently 17 weeks pregnant! It also comes in a dark chocolate, I found that one disappointing compared to the cinnamon, but both are worth a try!

3. Soma ENBLISS Racerback Bralette - $48

Ok, so before I had Lilly, I was a BIG VS Pink girl. I used to buy all kinds of cute bras. I was also a 34C. An underwire is pretty much against the law for me now. After nursing her for a year, I'm rocking a 34DD chest (Ugh), and for a while sports bras were it. I had to get rid of ALL my bras. I tried a bunch of different new brands, ThirdLove, Lively... they all promised the most comfortable fit. Yeah, no. I honestly don't even know why I even walked into a Soma store. I'm sure glad I did! This bra is insanely comfortable. They have it in many colors and a version that isn't a racerback.

4. Vintage Giggles Heritage Blankets: or Instagram @vintagegiggles

I cannot say enought about how much I love Vinrage Giggles. These sweet, hand made with love blankets are absolutely amazing! Vintage Giggles is run by Rebecca Emmons, a mother of 4 precious kiddos out of the her home. When it was time for me to decorate Lilly's nursery, I disliked all of the generic bedding. My theme was super unique (a whimsical, girl Harry Potter). I had periwinkle and grays in the palate. I reached out with my concerpt and she literally worked her magic. With out even seeing the nursery, as it was incomplete at the time, she created the PERFECT crib blanket. BUT I did not provides the squares for this blanket.

The magic of what vintage giggles does comes in Heritage Blankets.

Let me explain. Rebecca can make a blanket out of ANYTHING. Wedding dresses, onesies, communion/baptism dresses, old scarves.... its endless. Now that Lilly is 2.5 there have been a few outfits and little items that hold a special memory during her baby-hood. I gave them ALL to Vintage Giggles to create me the most amazing memory blanket. I didnt sent her EVERY outfit (I do have another baby girl coming in December!), but the items that were special I sent. I included my grandmothers lace table clothes and napkins. My Grandma Gibson was a preachers wife in Kinsale, Ireland. She was a member of high society and used to entertain for lunch/tea quite often. She had the local nuns make her table settings. I inherited them! As beautiful as they are, I don't have much practical use for them. Lilly's blanket was the perfect place to include these treasures! I'll post an update when I get the blanket in! In the meantime, here is a closer look at the crib blanket!

5. Chalkola Chalkboard Products/Art Supplies -

If you follow me on instagram, you may be aware that during my pregnancy with Lilly I taught myself brush calligraphy. I have really enjoyed turning it in to the sweetest little business. I do invitations, I make Christmas ornaments, Chalkboard signs for birthdays, baby showers, graduations, and other special events, and other sweet little customizations. I don't advertise much, because I want to keep it light and fun! You can check out my calligraphy highlights on instagram to see some of the goodies I've made.

The chalkboard art has been some of the most fun because I get to be the most creative, I can illustrate and draw along with the script work and I. Love. It. I bought a few chalk boards from Michales and ordered some chalkboard markers from Amazon. The markers ended up being problematic because they stained my chalkboards. The stupid chalk ink didn't come all the way off, despite advertising that they were washable. Also, they constantly needed to be reshaped, and the tip re-pumped, which was annoying. I won't mention that need to trash someone else's company.

So Chakola has a bunch of different craft products: Chalkboards, chalk markers, watercolor pens, acrylic paint pens. They also had a whole washable line for kids! Hello quarantine projects! I ended up with a Rustic Chalkboard that also has a magnetic surface. It came with 1 white chalk marker (its currently on sale for $16.95 from $21.95) and the Neon and Pastel pack of 30 makers (currently on sale for $24.95 from $28.95). I LOVED the markers! For so many reasons. The chalk flowed nicely through the marker, the color was very vibrant. My other markers required several coats at times. They also COMPLETELY wash off using only water. Which was perfect. I was sick of having a towel and cleaner next to me with the other ones. Sooooo want to save money? They offered me a coupon code: LauraZ10 woo hoo! Go to their website and add some things to your cart! Let me know what you think when they come in! If you're interested in invitations, ornaments or anything else... you can email me at

I made a video showing how I would use the markers as a non-professional artist! LOL I wanted to show the gorgeous colors, and how EVERYONE can use them. I am NOT a professional videographer or YouTube please pardon my dust. XOXO, Laura

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