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Hello Friends!

I am SO GLAD you are interested in diving in with me! First things, first...Enrolling! There are HUGE benefits to membership... 24% off for life, exclusive items and deals, FREE products when you enroll in Essential Rewards, a much easier check out process with your own personal virtual office, a whole community that provides you with support, answers your questions, and provides education. You can click the link below to get started, and watch the video below to guide you through the enrollment process! I'll be sending you and email right after I get your enrollment notification. Then look out for some happy mail from me a few days later. If you aren't ready for membership yet, that's ok! Feel free to check out as a retail customer! I can help you pick out some intro goodies! You can drop me an email any time at laura@laurazinn.complease use my member #18443526

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